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Questions you should ask when selecting a Home Care Agency

Is the agency locally owned and operated? Good to Be Home Care Services is a locally owned and operated business headquarted in Saint Clairsville.
Are the caregivers agency employees or independent contractors? Our caregivers are employees of Good to Be Home Care Services.
Are the employees bonded and insured? Good to Be Home Care Services employees are all bonded and insured.
Are security/background checks done on employees? Good to Be Home Care Services performs a 7 year national, state, and local background check on employees that includes any criminal, civil, or traffic offenses.
Are caregivers given the training they need to properly take care of your loved one? Upon being hired, caregivers of Good to Be Home Care Services must complete 8-24 hours of training (depending on experience) prior to being assigned their first client. In addition, each caregiver must complete 12 hours of continuing education coursework annually.
Does the agency provide 24 hour care, 7 days a week? Good to Be Home Care Services has no minimum hourly requirements and can provide care up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Will you receive a written care plan before services begin? Prior to contracting for services, Good to Be Home Care Services conducts a free pre-decision meeting to assess the clients needs. Once our agency is contracted for services, a written care plan is provided to the client and caregiver.

How long will it take to get a caregiver? In most cases, Good to Be Home Care Services can assign a caregiver the same day services are requested.

Am I committed to a length of time with the agency? Good to Be Home Care Services does not require a long term contract for services.

How closely does the agency's supervisor oversee the quality of care? Monthly reviews of care are conducted by management in the clients home.

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